Fees & charges


Following the transfer of your mortgage, we’re now responsible for setting the fees & charges that may apply.  
Some of the fees we charge are now lower than with your former lender. 
You can see details of all our fees and charges in our Tariff of Mortgage Charges document.

Tariff of Mortgage Charges

Details of all our fees and charges that could apply to your mortgage account.

View document

Many of the fees we charge are the same as with your former lender. However, there is one type of fee that we’ll never charge:

Early Repayment Charge (ERC) – we won’t ever apply an ERC to your mortgage. So you won’t be charged this fee if you choose to make any mortgage overpayments or fully pay off your outstanding balance before the end of your term.

Please note – other fees payable on redemption will still be charged. Any fees payable will be shown on your mortgage redemption statement. Find out more here.

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